Help Shape the Public Services 25 August Session, Take the Survey!

This survey was developed by the planning group for the session on 25 August, Defending and Restoring Vital Public Services: Health, Education, Post and Transport.   Live results from the survey will be reported on August 25. 

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posted 6 August 2020  


The survey asked questions regarding the situation facing public services in respondents' countries.


103 participants who reigstered for the session on August 25th, "Defending and Restoring Public Services," responded.  


The main results of the survey are as follows:

  • 103 people from 32 countries participated. The most participants (33%) came from Central and South America followed by Africa (18%), Europe (16%), Asia (15%), North America (13%), the Caribbean (3%) and Oceana (1%).


  • 65% of respondents said that covid-19 had opened up new opportunities to strengthen public services. 42 respondents saw opportunities in the health sector, 23 in long-term care, 21 in both transport and education, and 20 in both municipal services and water/sanitation.


  • Close to 50% of respondents saw a strengthened role for public services in government policy, expansion of funding for public services and a strengthened role for unions in decision making in relation to public services.


You can see write-in answers from respondents here.


You can see a summary of all the results below.

posted September 7, 2020