"Better Collaboration with Sociocracy"


Friday, October 13, 2023  *  9am - 4pm E.T.


This professional development training is free and open to all!  

Lunch will be provided.


Register to join us *in-person* in Midtown Manhattan: 

CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies

25 West 43rd Street, 18th floor, New York, NY 10036 (map)


REGISTER:  https://slucuny.swoogo.com/BetterCollaboration/register



Join us for an eye-opening workshop on sociocracy, the groundbreaking decision-making method that is transforming the way organizations collaborate and function. In this all-day event, we will delve into the principles and practices of sociocracy, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to revolutionize decision-making within your team.


Sociocracy is not just another management theory; it is a transformative approach that empowers individuals and groups to make better decisions, enhance communication, and foster a sense of ownership and accountability.

By attending this workshop, you will gain valuable insights into the core principles that underpin sociocracy and discover its potential to revolutionize your team dynamics.

  • One of the fundamental aspects of sociocracy is consent decision-making. Unlike traditional methods that rely on majority votes or top-down authority, sociocracy ensures that every voice is heard and considered. Through a series of engaging activities and discussions, you will learn how to facilitate consent decision-making processes, enabling your team to achieve genuine agreement and alignment.
  • Another key principle of sociocracy is decentralized power. By distributing authority and responsibility throughout the organization, sociocracy fosters a sense of autonomy and ownership among team members. You will explore practical strategies for implementing decentralized power structures, enabling your team to operate with increased effectiveness, resilience, and creativity.
  • Sociocracy also offers techniques for improving meetings. Say goodbye to long, unproductive meetings that drain your team’s energy and time. Through interactive exercises, you will learn how to facilitate efficient and participatory meetings that foster collaboration and move things along faster while creating trust and connection.


By the end of this workshop, you will walk away with a solid understanding of sociocracy and its practical applications.

Sign up now and join us to find out about a more harmonious and successful way of working together.


"I learned a lot and have a great understanding of the Sociocracy process after the beginners’ class. It was engaging and enjoyable. I appreciate the opportunity to work with folks from many backgrounds through the class exercises.. I am looking forward to continuing my sociocracy education and implementing it in my groups! "

-  Tami Gingrow, Fayette County, Pennsylvania



  • Everyone who struggles with decision-making in their organization, or longing for smooth & inclusive decision-making
  • People interested in cooperative development
  • People in communities
  • People in social enterprises or purpose-driven organizations
  • Education, self-directed learning



Optionally, lawyers can join the Friday workshop, hear the basic introduction and then spend a deepening session 10-11.30. This session will focus on the legal considerations around self-management and be steeped in practical experience, supported by Michael Haber (Director, Community & Economic Development Program, Brooklyn Legal Services Corporation A).  Participants can then join the introduction.



All topics will include Q&A as we go!

  • Welcome: get to know, and an overview of the day
  • Structure: how can we organize committees so everyone can be included in decision-making? Draw your own circle (small groups)
  • Selections: Choosing candidates by consent: how to choose together who does what (demo + exercise)
  • (Lunch break)
  • Meeting format – Have better and more inclusive meetings!
  • Decision-making: how can we make decisions together so every voice is included – while still moving forward? Consent process (demo + practice). Objections: What if someone is against a proposal? Practice (small groups)
  • Feedback processes:
    How feedback helps us be inclusive and productive; a simple format to do group feedback (practice)
  • Closing and fare-wells 


"I highly recommend this course on consent, objection and facilitation. Ted explains clearly and calmly, the slides are an excellent addition to the book 'many voices, one song' and it’s great to see people from around the world using sociocracy."

- Jackie, Bull City Commons, Durham, NC



Sponsored by the Community & Worker Ownership Project.

Hosted by the CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies.


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