NO BOSSES, NO BORDERS: Anti-Capitalism & Migrant Justice Organizing

Friday, March 4, 2022

12:00 PM  (U.S. Eastern Time)

In response to exploitation, criminalization, and mass detention and deportation of migrants in the US, migrant justice activism has become a central feature of United States politics. The movement is politically and tactically diverse. Some organizing efforts more actively engage with critiques of and struggles against capitalism than others. This panel brings together three activists and thinkers to discuss the anti-capitalist work that is already happening, the obstacles that currently stand in the way of anti-capitalist approaches, the possibilities for anti-capitalist mobilizations in the future, and the connections to other struggles for justice and liberation. We invite you to think with us about how to fight for migrant justice and a post-capitalist future.  

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Ashley Bohrer 
Assistant Professor of Gender and Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame
Author of Marxism and Intersectionality (Columbia University Press 2021) 
Justin Akers Chacon 
Professor of U.S. History and Chicano Studies, San Diego City College
Author of The Border Crossed Us (Haymarket 2012) 
Aly Wane 
Migrant Justice Organizer, Syracuse Peace Council and the UndocuBlack Network
Sofya Aptekar
Associate Professor of Urban Studies, CUNY School of Labor & Urban Studies 


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